The International Sticker Award is a featured Project at this years CYNETART Festival for computer based Art in Dresden, Germany. We present you this years best Stickers, chosen by our jury and our users.
We've prepared a special kind of exhibition: We to installed a sticker safari in the streets of Dresden which is guided by a smartphone augmented reality app - you are able to navigate to the stickers in their streetlevel position, the app will then provide more information about your art like interviews, flickr & facebook infos and also more pics. Just look for amazing stickers at the given GPS-position and scan them with our app. Each sticker will also lead you to the position of the next one.
On Android and iOS you need the location based services. Otherwise, the map doesnt work!
The app is available since Saturday November 17th at 14:00 GMT+2 for Android and iOS devices.

Sorry, there is no version of our app for your Device.
For the best user experience we recomend the iOS-app. The app ist just avaiable for:

The first point of our safari is located here:

Look for this sticker right at the spot:

detail scene